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  • Parenting Tip- Learning Your Child’s “Interest” Language 10/17/17

    Try your best to learn to speak your child’s language.

    I don’t mean keeping up with all the “in” sayings of the day. Those seemed to change every other week.

    My multiple middle “schoolers” were into an animated TV series that they really wanted to share with my wife Carol and I. (yep we had four at one time and no I’m not sure schoolers is a word) Kelly: 6th grade. Stephen and Andrew: 7th grade and Josh: 8th grade.

    At first I thought they wanted to share an episode with us.


    They wanted to share all three seasons.

    So Carol and I dove in and watched all three seasons. All 61 episodes.


    When we finished the first time, the kids asked if we could start over and watch it again. By this time we were totally hooked.

    What a fantastic experience! We loved it! From that point on my wife and I could speak that language. (Meaning we knew the ins and outs of “Avatar: The Last Air Bender”)

    Great conversations about life and friendship. Great conversations about stuff that we don’t believe in like reincarnation. Great conversations about what different religions of the world believe that is different from Christianity. Great conversations about love.

    My twin sons were and still are very much into roller coasters. So, Carol and I learned a great deal about different roller coasters across the country and then we traveled to ride many of them with our kids.

    We learned how to speak the roller coaster language.

    Find something that your child loves and learn that language.

    I can’t say that Pokémon cards were my favorite but it meant the world to my kids.

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  • Parenting Tip- Admitting Fault To Our Kids 10/10/17

    I learned very early on in parenting that it was a great thing for my kids to hear me admit that I was wrong and to ask them for forgiveness.

    This became a common occurrence for Carol and I and allowed God’s grace to flow freely in our home.

    It’s very difficult to live with someone who never makes mistakes.

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  • Faith and Family Tip- Prayer Team 10/3/17

    I want to encourage you to assemble a small group of friends who will pray for you.

    We have friends that pray for us and when we have a new pressing prayer request we send out a group text to let them know.

    We are also on the prayer teams for several other individuals and families and get their prayer requests through emails and texts.

    This to me is one of the great benefits of having Christian friends. We run the race together and lift each other up in prayer. We do life as a team.

    Find at least one friend who can be a prayer partner for you and in return, you for them.

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