Marriage Guacamole: Five Ingredients for an Authentic Marriage

Brett Ray tells of the five ingredients that transformed his struggling marriage into an authentic friendship that has stood the test of time. Through his gift of storytelling, Brett talks about his Christ-centered marriage to Carol and navigating through the many intense trials they have trusted God through.

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Faith Guacamole: Five Ingredients for an Authentic Walk with God

Faith Guacamole by Brett Ray explores five essential ingredients for an authentic walk with God. This short book takes a deeper look at moving beyond a superficial faith and relationship with God. Topics include moving beyond Christianity based on feelings, how to handle life when God says “no”, answering the question “is God really for me?”, understanding the depth of forgiveness, and being sensitive to the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

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Story of Return

Story of Return is the journey of a fifteen year old who had been kicked out of high school, run away from home, and was living a life of drug abuse. On a Spring youth retreat in Indiana, Brett thought he was going to drown in the lake. While under the water he began to do business with God, and later that evening, Brett surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. This is a story of how God the Father can change a hardened heart and bring peace into a life of pain.

Audio File – Approximate time 48 minutes

Includes the song “Perfect Part” by John Cox

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Stories from a Life

Through his gift of storytelling, Brett Ray lets us see into these true life stories of faith and hope as he and his wife and children journey to trust Jesus deeper. Real life miracles, encounters with the hard to imagine and literal leaps of faith will keep you turning the pages and in the end seeing that there is a great big God who is truly crazy about each of us. If you enjoy Stories From A Life, share the hope.

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