Our Team

Our Team

Brett & Carol Ray

Brett is the founder and president of Right Choice Communications, a non-profit organization that focuses on Marriages, Parenting, Faith and Families. He is an ordained minister who speaks nationally through storytelling and is also the author of the blog Brett Ray’s Tuesday Tiny Tips.

Carol is a registered nurse who works in the occupational department in a hospital near their home. The Ray’s spend a great deal of time mentoring young couples on marriage and parenting issues. They have five children, four adults and a teenager. The Rays currently live in Holly, Michigan with their daughter Mareah and their dog Penny Lane.

Stephen Ray

Stephen Ray has a great love and passion for speaking to students of all ages. He graduated from Oakland University with a bachelor’s degree in communication,and while attending Oakland, kept busy speaking to high school and college students.

Stephen has also had a lot of experience with elementary school students. While being on the speaker team for the children’s ministry at the 25,000-member church he attended during college, he crafted his gift of storytelling and his love for God’s Word grew deeper. That love for the Word of God prompted Stephen to attend Emmaus School of Biblical Studies where he is currently on staff near Orlando, Florida. Stephen’s love for Jesus Christ and the Gospel is evident to everyone around him and that passion comes shining through vibrantly in his ministry to students of all ages.

Brett Ray

Brett Ray is the founder and President of Right Choice Communications, a non-profit organization that ministers to marriages and families. He is a speaker and author with a passion for Jesus Christ and a heart for ministry. Since 1986 Brett’s unique style of communicating and story telling has taken him all over the United States and around the world. Every year Brett speaks to thousands of people regarding God’s unconditional love and grace for them.

Brett and his wife Carol are also involved with the ministry, Family Life. On the speaker team for Family Life, Brett speaks at marriage conferences all over the country helping couples work through critical issues in their marriages. He is the author of the blog Brett Ray’s Tuesday Tiny Tips, which focuses on ministering to Marriages, Parents and Families. Currently, Brett and Carol live in Holly Michigan.

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