Parenting Tip- Be Authentic

Parenting Tip- Be Authentic

Some people may think this picture is photoshopped. It’s not, it’s authentic. I know this because it was taken by one of my favorite photographers and I have followed his work for years.

He and his wife Sandy are very close friends of ours.

He was doing this photo shoot for one of our favorite ministries (Dutton Farms) and as he focused on the Lavender candle, this chicken (I think it’s a hen but it may be a rooster? I should know this) jumped up and into the picture.

Click! Wonderful! Yes!

I love this picture so much because it is authentic.

Allow your family to be authentic. This was a huge goal for Carol and me.

We were a family in the spotlight often (because of our ministry) as our kids were growing up. It was very important back then that Carol and I teach them how to respect other kids, grown-ups, each other and us as their parents. It was also very important to us that they be polite and not rude to the people around them.

However, with that said, we never asked them to act differently when the spotlight was on and everyone was looking. We always encouraged them to be themselves and never pressured them to act a certain way in the public eye.

Being a family on tour with my speaking ministry and meeting new people in every new city along the way was pressure enough without us being obnoxious, fake parents.

We wanted our family to be authentic.

Yes indeed, teach your children to respect people and be kind and polite to the people around them, and then let them be real and not put on a show.

The photographer of the chicken and the candle (Greg McDonough) is one of my favorite photographers.

But much more than that, he and his wife Sandy have an authentic young family with three children who are wonderfully polite and allowed to be themselves in front of all of us around them.

And it makes a world of difference in their children’s lives.

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