Parenting Tip- Parents One Word

Parenting Tip- Parents One Word

One Word.

If you could describe your mom or dad in one word, good or bad, what would it be? For me, the word for my dad would be “Loyal”. How about your mom? My mom in one word would be “Laughter”.

Now, if your kids were all grown up, looking back to this time, how would they describe you in one word, what would they say?

Would it be overall positive or overall negative?

If you think it would be negative, you can change that.

Start today. Make a change.

Parenting is tough. Our kids don’t always like us. Bottom line though, they need to know we are always in their corner rooting them on.

I know it’s a simple concept, but one a lot of people lose sight of in day-to-day living. Parent in such a way to have a positive impact on your kids, not a negative one. Keep that in front of you every day in everything you do.

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