Parenting and Faith Tip-Christian Camping

Parenting and Faith Tip-Christian Camping

Do your best to get your kids involved with going to Christian camps. Be it retreats or a summer camp, God has chosen to really bless camp time.

Our favorite camp, Camp Lurecrest in Lake Lure NC, has a great saying about summer camp:

“A Week Can Change A Life!”

This is so true. I surrendered my life to God at camp and then spent the majority of my life speaking at camps telling students how Jesus Christ changed my life!

I have seen thousands and thousands of children and teens get serious about their relationship with the Lord at camp. Powerful!

God is still on the move and changing lives at camp today.

Find a Christian camp near you or call your local church to help you get pointed in the right direction. Start your kids on the great adventure!

If you find yourself short financially, most camps have scholarships and they are glad to help out if you need it. 

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