Parenting Tip- Let Your Kids Soar

Parenting Tip- Let Your Kids Soar

When my twin sons Stephen and Andrew were young they had a dream; they wanted to own Cedar Point, the worlds greatest amusement park in Sandusky Ohio.

Cedar Point is owned by a company called Cedar Fair, it is not owned by one person. It is impossible for one person to own Cedar Point.

After they told Carol and me they wanted to own Cedar Point, we never said to them, “No you can’t do that.”

However, we also didn’t say “Sure, you can do that someday.”

What Carol and I did when our kids dreamed big is we would say, “Tell me what that looks like. What would Cedar Point be like if you owned it?”

Then we would sit back and listen to their dreams.

Don’t be afraid to let your children dream big dreams.

And don’t dismiss their little dreams as well.

If they are dreaming about something that would harm someone, then step in and intervene.

Most of the time our children’s dreams are harmless. Let them dream big.

Today Stephen and Andrew are huge roller coaster enthusiast. it has been so fun to watch their childhood dream turn into a hobby they love and still get excited about.

I still believe our son Andrew, who has been employed by Cedar Point, would be a phenomenal president of Cedar Fair someday. Is this Papa looking for free tickets?

Let your children dream big dreams and enjoy listening to them tell you their stories.

I am convinced that God created each of us with big imaginations.

Let your kids soar.

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