Parenting Tip-Read With Them

Parenting Tip-Read With Them

Try your best to never be too busy to read with your kids when they ask you to. After someone challenged me with this when my kids were little, I started keeping an unofficial score of how many times I “would have” said no.

After a year, the number was staggering.

Because my office was at home, sometimes I had to say, “Okay, wait just a little while” if I was in the middle of something. However, my goal became to never say no.

When the kids were a little older we listened to audio books and we had a riot. Actually we listened to audio books all the way through high school.

Reading age appropriate Bibles with our kids was also real important to us all along the way.

When we first started reading to the kids when they were really little we loved Sandra Boynton.

When the kids got old enough to read, my most favorite at that time was “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein

Also, just about anything by Theodor Seuss Geisel. Everybody knows that guy!

Some of our other favorites: Beverly Cleary, Crocket Johnson, Maurice Sendak, Louisa May Alcott, Laura Ingalls Wilder and the list goes on and on!

Take the time and enjoy!

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