Winter 2013-2014

Merry Christmas!

Hello Friends,

We have just had a season of great joy and also deep sadness. In our ministry we have been seeing God do amazing things! Last month we experienced 34 adults praying to receive Christ at a Family Life Weekend To Remember in Columbus Ohio! On Sunday morning one woman said to me, “I have been praying for my husband to have a personal relationship with Jesus for 32 years, and yesterday he surrendered his life to Christ!” I am so excited that for those 34 new believers, this Christmas will have a new meaning and purpose like never before.

The marriage conferences this fall have been amazing. It is humbling to be at these weekends where God is working miracles and touching couples and families for His glory! We were also blown away this summer to watch God’s impact on teenagers through their experience at summer camp. This is a snippet of a letter from a parent of a teen that was at Camp Lurecrest.

“My husband and I are amazed by Connor’s experience. We were expecting him to talk excitedly about all the activities that he participated in but he couldn’t stop talking about how he had reconnected with God and how good it felt and how he had cried. He tried retelling the stories that Brett told and he sang all the spiritual songs he learned in a way that I have never heard him sing before (eyes closed, hands raised to the sky) He couldn’t wait to look the songs up on YouTube and share them with us. This clearly was a week that was life changing for him. We knew this was a Christian-themed camp but had no idea the outcome would be as it was.”

Summer and fall have been great but it has also been a season of deep sadness for our family. On October 17th, we lost Steve Bourque.

Steve and I have been best friends since we were 12 years old. Steve was my best man on our wedding day. He has been my business manager for many years. Due to Right Choice business and our close friendship, we talked on the phone a couple times a day. We talked so frequently that Carol often teased us and said we were like a couple of middle school girls (no offense to any middle school girls reading this). Carol and I have so many memories of celebrating with Steve birthdays, our anniversary, New Years Eve every year, graduations and the list goes on and on. Steve was a wonderful uncle to my children and one of their best friends. Many of you heard me tell stories of mine and Steve’s many road trips. These trips included visiting 25 different major league ballparks across the country. We are all grieving as I write this and I covet your prayers for our family and Steve’s friends and family. Especially for Steve’s dad Jack who took care of Steve for the majority of Steve’s 46 years due to Steve’s muscular dystrophy.

“Steve, you will be greatly missed my old friend. Enjoy learning to dance until we meet you in Heaven.”

We are so thankful for all of your friendships and the way you love and support our family. God bless you this Christmas season! For those of you who have lost loved ones who will be missed this December and through out the months and years to come, may the Holy Spirit comfort you and give you great peace.

Much love, Brett Ray

Steve and I at one of our favorite ballparks (Comerica Park).

Steve and my son Stephen in the WXOU studio, where they were both DJs on their own radio show. This picture was taken two weeks before Steve’s passing.

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