Winter 2010


Mareah is having a great time in fifth grade and sang a solo in the Veteran’s Day musical at school.

Kelly made Master Company in dance this year and is training to run a half marathon.

Andrew is working on the tech team at school and helped run production for the musical Beauty and the Beast. He also was once again in marching band this fall.

Stephen had a great time marching at the football games this fall while playing the trumpet and was also on the tech team running production for Beauty and the Beast.

Josh got one of the lead roles in the musical at school and loved his summer on staff at Camp Lurecrest.

Carol has been seeing a dream realized as she has been helping to get Giving Orphans Hope off the ground and reaching orphans in our community through this ministry.

Brett is thrilled about getting back to traveling and speaking and is really enjoying mentoring young couples with Carol.

Thank you for all your love and support – The Rays

Josh is on the far left

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