Winter 2007 – 2008

Update on Brett’s Health

Dear friends,

I wanted to give you an update on Brett’s condition due to his closed head injury.

Brett is still struggling with three things. The first is fogginess (he is not processing things fast enough), which keeps him from driving, reading and doing almost anything that takes long periods of concentration. Brett has not driven anywhere since the beginning of June.

The second is pain. Brett has had pain in his head everyday for over five months. It seems relentless and doesn’t go away but Brett had a kidney stone recently and he said at least the pain is not as bad as passing a stone.

And third is dizziness. This makes Brett feel like he has the flu. Over the last seven weeks we have seen a little improvement in the dizzyiness which means Brett can stand up for longer periods of time.

He still needs about 12 hours of sleep but this is an improvement from this summer when it was about 16 hours a night. When he gets too tired or excited he starts to stutter and sometimes has a difficult time finding his words.

The doctors are optimistic about Brett’s recovery and are saying he should be able to go back to work by March. Meanwhile, Brett’s spirit’s are good and he is trusting God with each new day.

We love you so much. Thank you for all of your love and support.

Grateful for your prayers, Carol Ray

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