Summer 2013

Hittin’ the Road

I just returned from doing 3 marriage getaways and we are praising God because over 50 adults indicated on their evaluations that they committed their lives to Christ over the weekend! Joining these new believers are 1,900 other people who prayed to receive Christ at the other Weekend To Remember Getaways this spring! This season is winding down, and so far over 47,000 people have been in attendance since February. I am grateful to God for so many to come to know Him and so many more asking Jesus to touch their marriages and families. Thank you for being a part of this mighty move of God by going with us in prayer! Carol and I know we are not alone as we minister to so many hurting individuals and couples.

I also spoke this last season at amazing youth events which included one in Harbor Springs, and it still touches me so deeply to see teenagers doing business with Jesus like so many did in northern Michigan. It has been 25 years since I started speaking to students. I can honestly say that I am as passionate today as I ever have been to be speaking to teens and now ministering to their parents at the Weekend To Remember marriage Getaways.

This summer we will be returning to our favorite camp of all time in the mountains of Lake Lure North Carolina, Camp Lurecrest. Stephen will be on staff as a counselor and Andrew will be on the Outdoor Adventure team, working with kids and teens from elementary school through high school, all summer long. Kelly has worked hard and has been certified in Michigan as a nurse assistant. She will be working locally this summer in that capacity, which we are grateful for, so she can live at home a little longer before moving out in the fall to attend Oakland University. Today was her last day of high school. Mareah is planning on attending 3 summer camps as she travels with us and also returns to the camp Carol grew up going to, Simpson Park. Josh is still sharing an apartment with his close friends this summer while working close enough to home to be able to visit us. We are excited about this because college and working two jobs kept him very busy this school year, and we love when the boys can come back to Holly for a home cooked meal and to get loved on.

I am also looking forward to returning to Lake Ann Camp in Traverse City, Michigan. I have spoken for so long at this camp that the students of yesterday have grown up and now are adult leaders, loving on the teens of today!

Thanks for all of your love and support! Have a great summer!

— Brett

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