Summer 2011

Weekend To Remember

One of my favorite things in life is seeing God heal people in their broken places. When I first read the letter I am about to share, I got very excited to pass it on to you! I know so many of you pray for God to work in the lives of hurting people and you love to see the results of God’s loving grace. The following is a letter from a woman who attended one of Family Life’s Weekend To Remember getaways this spring with her husband. They were in a very bad place when they arrived at the hotel Friday night, but by Sunday afternoon, they renewed their wedding vows and started down a path of healing.

Dear Family Life,

I signed us up for Weekend To Remember as a last resort. It was our 25th wedding anniversary weekend. My hurtful words to my husband during our most recent regular argument was, 2011 will be the year of our divorce!

Our family didn’t give us a 25th wedding anniversary party because we were always arguing. We had lived as two individual people in our home for years; I really didn’t believe that anything was going to help us.

When we got to the Weekend to Remember, I expected my husband to hate it and half heartedly participate. Instead, he loved it and took the projects seriously. The projects encouraged me to be honest about my feelings and enabled me to put into practice the things I was learning as hard as it was.

When asked to rate the health of my marriage in my workbook, I circled the number 1 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest. I looked at the number one and thought that was too high a number.

We got in an argument at the end of Saturday that resulted in my husband sleeping on the couch.

However, throughout the weekend, we both felt God’s presence. Through His persistent conviction and ever so clear loving voice, our hearts began to change. I knew that God wanted me to change! When I decided to obey and move toward oneness with my husband, a miracle happened. My heart melted. I hadn’t felt like this in years.

On Sunday, many tears flowed. I can’t explain it in words. But in the end, we recommitted ourselves to each other, along with many other couples. We were barely able to repeat the vows through flowing tears and a rekindled love for one another. This was real and we both knew it.

When we came home, others noticed the change in us. We noticed people studying us and not believing what they were seeing. Both of us have been individually sharing our experience about the conference and we are encouraging everyone to attend. Thank you for your commitment to families. God bless you and your wonderful staff!

Thank you for praying for couples like this and for all of your love and support for Carol and I as we have the privilege to speak at these getaways. We know that your prayers are having a great impact on the lives of so many.

We are so grateful for you.
Love, Brett

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