Summer 2009

On The Road Again

I decided to wait until after we got back from summer camp in North Carolina to write this newsletter in hopes that I could write a good report from the Ray clan. Instead, I am writing a great report! Camp was amazing for us this year! It felt so good to be speaking once again at Camp Lurecrest (it felt good to be speaking anywhere), and all of us got in on the fun. Stephen, Andrew, Kelly and Mareah were campers and had a great time meeting new friends and catching up with old ones. Mareah’s highlight was climbing all the way to the top of one of the high ropes elements by herself (not for the faint of heart). Kelly’s highlight was the chapel services. She told me yesterday that she felt an intimate connection with God during worship. Andrew’s highlight was also chapel. The young lady leading worship with her guitar did an amazing job and Andrew said worship, and hearing his old man speaking again, were his favorite parts. Stephen says just being back at Lurecrest was his favorite part of the week. Carol had no responsibilities at camp so she hung out at the pool, read a book and soaked in the Carolina sunshine. Camp is a great vacation for her. No cooking, no cleaning, no working. Just relaxing and enjoying God and friends.

I spoke in the evenings and got great feedback from campers and staff. I felt that God really showed up in a special way (a close friend of ours who is a professional speaker spoke in the A.M. since I am still struggling a bit with clarity in the mornings). It was great to interact with campers once again and spend time counseling the staff. I had not spoken at a summer camp in three years and I was very encouraged to be at camp and to be dizzy free, fog free, nausea free and to not be having any trouble with my speech. I am still experiencing intense pain in the evenings but I am trusting that in time that will be gone as well. My highlights from camp were spending time with Carol and different members of the camp staff throughout the week, catching up, laughing a lot and just being on the road again.

I have not forgotten Josh; I just thought I would save (what he considers to be) the best for last. Josh has been invited to spend the summer on staff at Camp Lurecrest. He is on cloud nine. His siblings are all jealous, even though Josh is working his fanny off in the dishroom and around camp where they need him cleaning. We are all very excited for this opportunity for Josh to grow closer to God by being on staff at such an amazing summer camp. We will sure miss him this summer and yesterday (Fathers Day) was a great day but just not the same without him. I know it’s all a part of growing up as a family and I sure appreciate all of your love and support along the way.

Much love,


Josh (on the left) in the dishroom at camp

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