Summer 2007

One Home At A Time

Eight years ago, Carol and I were invited to join the speaker team for Campus Crusade’s marriage and family ministry, Family Life, whose motto is One Home At A Time. Since then we have had the incredible privilege of speaking at 50 conferences in 29 different states. From Philadelphia to Los Angeles to over 25,000 people our message has been the same: Put Jesus Christ in the center of your marriage and watch what God can do. Conference after conference we get letters and feedback from couples saying God touched them in some way and healed broken places in their lives. I wanted to share with you some of the feedback we have received from individuals this spring in hopes that it will encourage you the way it continues to encourage us.

“The week before this conference was the worst week of my life. The weekend before the conference, my wife confessed to an affair while I was on a military drill. We were already in a rocky marriage and planned to attend this conference months in advance. It was by God’s grace that we came and we want to recommit our marriage to each other and make God #1 in our lives. Thank you for all the resources and all your help and love for the family. Pray for our marriage and I know we can make it.”

Phone Technician, married 2 years

“Incredible. Came with no expectations and miracles happened! My husband finally accepted Jesus Christ as a result of the conference and many years of my perseverance, much heartache, and many trials. My faith has been reaffirmed –miracles do happen! The conference has changed our lives!”

Mom, married 24 years

“We had a fair marriage that had been broken because of my husband’s addiction to pornography and several extramarital affairs. We had taken steps to mend, but needed something more. We have been seeking out every resource to get our marriage back where God intends it to be. The brochure for this conference showed up at our house and we seized the opportunity. It has been a wonderful experience and I am so thankful for you all!! We are both excited to take what we’ve learned home and put it to work.”

Teacher, married 12 years

My husband and I came to this while we were separated. We were about a month from filing the divorce papers. I couldn’t even have him brush against me because I was so isolated and depressed. I had an affair to escape. Friday night I could barely stand the conference, but it was funny and spoke to me, even as I fought it. Saturday I cried a few times as I realized how we had gone wrong and my resolve to fight broke. Saturday night was like our honeymoon. We have a lot of work to do, but this brought us back from the brink of destruction. Please share our story because the conference is just filled with the Holy Spirit talking to our broken hearts through you.”

Nanny, married 2 years

The last conference Carol and I did in the spring was in Houston where 60 individuals prayed to receive Christ. Thanks for your love and support so we can continue to be a part of this ministry to broken families. Many times when we are reaching broken families we are impacting broken teenagers or teenagers to be. You know me, I love that part. Reaching teenagers one home at a time. Well, we’re off to summer camp tour 07. Thanks for praying for the students we’ll be with over the next eight events.

We love you. Brett Ray

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