Summer 2005


Since 1986 I have been speaking to teenagers. Since 1986 I have been considered a teen speaker. During that time I have had countless parents of teenagers ask for my advice on how to deal with, co-exist with and even how to raise their teenagers. During that time I have counseled, advised, instructed and directed parents of teenagers on how to survive those crazy and sometimes turbulent teenage years. People have had problems-They have come to me for answers.

My oldest son Joshua just turned 13.

Do you know what that is called?


That’s right friends, it’s payback time. I now have an alien from another planet living under my roof and I am having the toughest time remembering what it is I said to all those parents. What happened to the little boy that used to run and jump into my arms after school? What happened to the kid who once looked at me with great admiration and let me know that I was the smartest person he ever knew? And when exactly did I start taking stupid pills?

Not too long ago a friend told me that in the year 2012, we will have five teenagers at one time. Where did this pit in my stomach come from and why am I trembling? I don’t drink coffee. Maybe I should start.

Summer Tour starts in ten days. Eight camps, four states and teenagers everywhere. Please pray for me.

We love you! Brett Ray

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