Summer 2002

Kelly’s been so brave, it puts me to shame.

It was April 15, I was going about my day when my cell phone rang. The nervous voice on the other end explained to me that there had been an accident at school and I needed to come right away. Under these circumstances, a twisted knot seems to find its way into the pit of your stomach, and the short drive to the school seems to take an eternity. I was not prepared for what I saw when I got to the office. There were two adults waiting outside for me when I arrived and they ushered me in. There was my daughter, spattered in her own blood with her arm dangling in a gruesome fashion. She had fallen from the monkey bars and snapped her arm in two. Both bones had broken all the way through and one of them had shot clear through the skin.

A gaping hole with dirt, blood, and wood chips remained. She sat quietly crying next to Mr. Silvey, her wonderful first grade teacher, who was gently consoling her. When she saw me her eyes lit up.

“Papa” she cried. Mr. Silvey looked very relieved to see me. I bent down in front of her and told her we were going to get her put back together. I gently scooped her up in my arms and raced her to the emergency room. I am still amazed at how brave she was on the way to the hospital. She stopped crying and asked if she was going to have to get a shot. I told her they would have to stick a needle in her, but it wouldn’t hurt as much now that she was 6 years old. Every time we hit the smallest bump she would scream out in pain. I wished so badly that I could take that pain away from her.

When we got to the ER the woman at the counter took one glance at her dangling arm, with the compound fracture, and she ushered us quickly past admissions and to a bed.

They had to put Kelly to sleep to clean the gravel out of the hole. They put her arm back together and put her in a hot pink cast which she was totally thrilled about, and was excited to show off to her brothers and sister. Her first grade teacher, Mr. Silvey, surprised her with a visit that night bringing flowers and a balloon.

They kept Kelly for two days and when she came home the first few nights were the hardest. Once again I wished I could take her pain away. She’s doing great now. She gets her cast off this week.

Over the last several months I have looked into the eyes of so many devastated teenagers who are trying to be brave despite the horrific circumstances they have been through. Abandonment, rape, their friends being killed in car accidents, the list goes on an on. I wish I could take away their pain.

After all these years, I still find it such an amazing privilege to be a messenger of hope to these kids. To share with them the love of Jesus Christ, the God who will hold their hand and carry them through these trials of many kinds. I wish you could read the letters I receive from them. Letters that talk about how deeply God has touched their hearts.

I can’t say thank you to you enough for being a part of this ministry with us. Your love, prayers, and support are making a major impact on these precious kids.

God bless you friends,


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