Spring 2009

Got Muscle? – Part Two

Some of you will remember that in the fall of 2003, Carol was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune muscle disease called Dermatomyositis (let’s call it Dermo for short). We featured the story in our newsletter in the spring of 04. For years, Carol has lived with this disease that causes her to break out in rashes across her body and be in an excruciating amount of pain whenever she comes out of remission. The only thing that will put it back into remission is a treatment that costs our insurance company approximately $8,000 each time. Carol has been going in for treatments twice a year since the beginning of her illness ($16,000 per year). A year ago Carol decided to see a new Rheumatologist (her fourth) to see if there was anything he could do to get to the “root” of the problem. The doctor was very interested to find out that Carol has had a great deal of trouble with intestinal issues (I will spare you the details) that clear up for a little while whenever she is treated and goes back into remission. He believed that there was a connection between the Dermo and the intestinal issues that the other doctors seemed to ignore.

During Carol’s first visit to this new doctor, he showed Carol a story online of a woman with Dermo and severe intestinal problems. This woman was completely cured of the disease when she went on a gluten-free diet (she was allergic to the gluten in wheat and that extreme allergy was causing her immune system to dysfunction, causing the disease). Carol went gluten-free the next day.

It has been one year and one month and the Dermo is gone! It’s amazing how removing wheat could have such an amazing impact. Carol’s extreme muscle pain and all of the rashes have been gone for the last 10 months! She is still experiencing some symptoms that are not related to the Dermo, so as an experiment she is taking the month of March and April to remove corn, rice and dairy from her diet to see if the remaining symptoms will disappear. She wanted me to tell you in this newsletter about these amazing results, and thank you because we both know many of you have prayed for Carol over the years and now it’s time to thank God for this healing.

Thank you for all of your love and support, Brett

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