Spring 2008

Emerging From the Fog

I’m sure that most of you know that back in early June, I was wrestling with my 9th grader, Josh (who claims to have won that match) and hit my head on the floor. Since then, life has been quite different and rather challenging. I have struggled with three things:
Dizziness This makes me, on most days, feel like I have the flu. Lying down feels best and I am not able to read for very long without feeling sick. Some days I get extremely nauseas and have the sensation that I have been spinning and have suddenly stopped.

Pain I have had a headache everyday for eight and half months. Most days they are quite intense. Our doctor has been very compassionate and has worked hard to try to manage the pain but nothing makes it go away. Last week I was lying on the bed when Andrew walked into the room. There were tears streaming down my face and I was trying hard not to vomit. Andrew asked, “Is there something wrong Papa?” I said, “Nope, just the usual, I’m trying not to puke.” We both laughed.

Fogginess This has kept me from connecting the dots. We will be watching a movie and I have to pause 10 times to ask questions because I get very confused very easily. The fog has kept me from driving and makes me unable to concentrate. I have not been able to do simple tasks that I ordinarily take for granted.

Well, I have been very excited to write this newsletter to say that as of four weeks ago, THE FOG HAS LIFTED. The dizziness and pain are the same but the fog has lifted and we are very grateful. I am very encouraged and we are heading in the right direction. The doctor is still saying that he thinks it will be June before the other symptoms are gone and I can get back to traveling and speaking, but at this point I am just so glad to have my brain processing at a more normal pace. I am still sleeping 10-12 hours a night but this is an improvement from what was 16 hours a night last summer and 14 last fall. There is an old joke that my late father-in-law (a Methodist minister) used to tell about a man who wanted to be a preacher because he loved to eat and sleep so much.

We have been truly overwhelmed by your love and support. I have been out of work since June, but the bills have all been paid and we are all well fed. Our disability insurance has been paying 50% of my paycheck and Carol has been working a few days a week. This would not be enough if it were not for your financial gifts that have come in and have blessed us so much! Thank you for the cards, calls, gifts and prayers, which have kept us going during this challenging season.

Please keep praying for us. Most days it feels like we’ve got a long way to go yet. We are so grateful for friends (as we say at church) to lock arms with. Thank you for all your love and support.

God bless you,


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