Spring 2002

Man in the Middle

The first time Carol and I did a marriage conference, I was feeling a little apprehensive about it. I was thinking, what if I begin doing more of these? Will it take time away from doing what I love, speaking to teenagers and college students? There were many couples there who had young children. We had a great time that weekend. When it was over, I was filled up with the thought that maybe I had just spent time investing in future teenagers. Wow. It felt so proactive.

So, when Carol and I were invited to join the Family Life speaker team, to do 5 or 6 marriage conferences a year, I was very excited.

The man in the middle is Dennis Rainey. The founder of Family Life. The man who God is using to create an amazing reformation in families, all around the United States and even around the world. He is the host of Family Life Today, a radio program that is heard by over 4 million listeners every week.

He is author of many books including The Tribute, an amazing book that has brought healing and reconciliation to only God knows how many children and their parents and touched my family deeply. He is the man who has brought together over 150 of the countries greatest authors, theologians, and speakers to be a part of what Family Life calls their Weekend To Remember.

This is a marriage conference that is one of the most amazing ministries Carol and I have ever been a part of. (we still ask ourselves, what are we doing on this team?) He is the man who started the “I Still Do” one day conference which is hosted at giant arenas all over this country and touches tens of thousands of people at every event. And it wasn’t until after we were invited that I found out that he started all of this and so much more BECAUSE HE HAD A HEART FOR TEENAGERS. How cool is that?

After every conference, Family Life receives letters from couples who claim their marriages were on the brink of disaster, and many who all ready had divorce papers. They often say that a pastor, counselor, or loved one, asked them to attend the conference as a last resort.

Then they talk about the way God touched them on the weekend. How they have had a change of heart, and how they now have hope for their marriage. Reading these notes and letters is so fantastic. All you can say is Yeah God!

Carol and I consider it to be a privilege to be a part of this ministry. I do have to admit this however, these weekends are very intense and I believe that Satan hates them passionately. If he can destroy the family, he has won so many battles. PLEASE PRAY FOR US. We passionately covet your prayers.

Thank you so much for all of your love and support. We love you too.

Brett Ray

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