Spring 2001

She’s Here!

After two years of waiting, she’s finally here! It was just over two years ago I was in Haiti visiting one of the many hospitals to the poorest of the poor. I was in the maternity room and a beautiful 19 year old Haitian girl begged me to adopt her three day old baby girl. When I got home, Carol and I began to pray about it and felt God was drawing both of us in the direction of adoption. This was extremely exciting for us. While in contact with Haiti, we found out that the grandmother wanted to keep the baby . So we told our friends in Haiti that we were going to start the mounds of paperwork and long process of international adoption and that when we were finished, we would let them know.

Last August we finished, and our missionary friend John said they had a girl for us. John asked if we wanted to see a picture and we said, “No, we’ll take her!” Over the next week this precious little girl’s story unfolded to us.

She traveled a long distance to bring her to a clinic and admitted that she could no longer take care of her. From there, John and Beth Mchoul (mine and Carol’s new heroes) brought her back to life. This little one was on deaths doorstep: Sunken face, bloated stomach, and stick legs

. You would never know it now. Mariah Djenie Heather Ray (pronounced: Mar e uh-Jenni) is the sunshine in our home who keeps us all laughing throughout the day.

She just turned two a few weeks ago, and what a party we had. I don’t think she had ever seen anything like it.

At eighteen years old, last spring, her mother died. We were told it was from a stomach ache, which could mean disease

or starvation or a number of other things in Haiti. There is no record of her father. The mother’s cousin (a girl we are told who was younger than the mother) was the first of several people who saved our daughters life.

Two words describe her best: Joy and Peace.

If you don’t think you have ever seen a miracle, Carol and I would love to have you drop by. She’s finally here!


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