Summer’s Night

Summer Sanbefur is a middle school student from North Carolina (she is the precious girl on the right of me on the front cover). She is a friend of my daughter Kelly (the precious girl on the left of me on the front cover). They met at Camp Lurecrest in June and shared a cabin. Summer was touched by God in a very special way at camp this year and got permission from the camp director and her parents to be baptized in the pool in front of the entire camp. “Summer, I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.” As I gently lifted her up from underneath the water I was filled with a sense of joy. Here is this soft-spoken young lady, in what can be an awkward stage of life, middle school, making a declaration in front of her peers, “I belong to Jesus and I am going to live for Him.” Summer, I am so proud of you.

This year’s eight camp summer tour was filled with so many amazing memories that will last a lifetime. One student wrote me a letter after camp and she said,

“I now have nothing to hold back. I devoted my life to God, and I would have it no other way. I have gone from knowing about Jesus to actually KNOWING Him.”

A parent wrote me a letter that deeply encouraged my heart;
“Seven youth from our church went to camp Lurecrest on scholarships provided by memorials in Phillip’s memory. (Phillip was the worship leader at camp last summer, a friend of mine and the son of the woman who wrote this letter. He was hit by a car last spring and is now in Heaven.) Each of the seven students was profoundly touched and changed by how you ministered the gospel. Five of them were born again and the others re-connected and came alive to Jesus! One of the senior high girls comes now to a Bible study I have for young women and she and her mother are being baptized Sunday. So God’s gift goes on.”

School has started once again and we now have three Jr. Highers. Holy cow, now we appreciate your prayers more than ever. I never grow tired of saying this, thank you for the way you love and support our family so that we can be a part of this ministry.

God bless you, Brett Ray

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