The Pool

As I held in my arms a precious teenager named Andrew, I couldn’t help but think, “this is amazing”. I’ve never been more excited to be in ministry. Andrew was crying. Through his tears he shared with his peers about how God had touched his life. As we stood together in the water, waist deep, he talked about how my family played a part in his spiritual walk. I put him down into the cool water. “Andrew, I baptize you in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost.” His beautiful sister was baptized the same day. These teenagers are very dear to my heart. What a beautiful day. Amazing.

Someone asked me very recently what was the highlight from my summer. My mind raced. I saw in my mind the camp full of little children who had been removed from their homes for abuse and neglect. I remembered how God did many amazing miracles in those tender little lives. There was also the hundreds of teenagers who stood in worship to their God and King, week after week, seeking His face, desiring His perfect will for their lives. I’m still in awe to see teenagers worshiping in this day and age. Then there was the outdoor picnic where over a hundred students prayed to receive or rededicate their lives to Christ. Amazing.

But, when I picked my favorite moment my fathers heart took over.

On a sunny afternoon in June, time stood still for Carol and I as I got down into the water with my four oldest children in front of the entire camp. After I told each child’s testimony, I said those fantastic words I’ve said countless times before: “Joshua, Stephen, Andrew, Kelly, In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost”, and down they went, symbolizing death, and then I brought them up, symbolizing the Resurrection. Carol cried the whole time. An hour later, Andrew said, ”Papa I feel so joyful.”

After camp, the kids said their highlight was the baptism. Amazing.

Thank you for your love for these kids, including mine,

Brett Ray

The Pool
by Terry Scott Taylor

The pool is very deep and cool
and nothing here is hard to do
nothing that should bother you

I stand
stand by the water
knee deep
deep in the fountain
now down
I go under
then rise up
rise up forever

The waves then mount and tumble high
I meet the melancholy sky
and all I have I count for loss
there in the clouds one single cross

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