Marriage Tip-Sexual Intimacy:Bad Information

Marriage Tip-Sexual Intimacy:Bad Information

Hey married couples! Here’s a question for you just in time for mine and Carol’s 28th wedding anniversary this weekend: How’s your Love Life?

Doing great? Wonderful, keep up the good work!

Need some help? I have three really helpful resources to recommend to you couples who are like Carol and I and need a little extra help in the area of intimacy.

But first, a story I share at the marriage conferences. A mother raised her two daughters always telling them sexual intimacy is dirty and it hurts really bad and you should never do it. The girls eventually became adults and lived together in an apartment with their female cat, vowing to each other they would never get married and expose themselves to nasty, dirty sex. The two women felt so strong about this that they never let their female cat outside to expose her to this torment. One day however, one of the sisters came home from work engaged and told her sibling that she had met someone at work. She confessed that they had been seeing each other secretly for quite awhile and that they had decided to get married. The single sister told her engaged sister that it was okay but she had to send her a postcard from her honeymoon, telling her the truth about sex. The sister agreed.  The Wedding was wonderful and the sister went on her honeymoon. The sister at home received a post card. She found that it had a picture of Hawaii on it and so she flipped it over to see her sister had written only four words on it. They carefully spelled out this simple sentence:

“Let the cat out.”

I have surveyed hundreds of couples and have asked them where they first heard about sex. I discovered that the majority of Christians I have asked have not learned about sex from trustworthy parents, their church or another reliable source but instead from other 5th and 6th graders. I wish I was joking but many of you reading this know it is true.

Is it possible that we have gotten some bad information growing up about sex?

I learned about healthy, God blessed sex from our marriage mentors, Dave and Ann Wilson and from the books about intimacy they recommended written by great Christian authors.

Now I want to recommend three resources to you.

The first is “Sexual Intimacy In Marriage” by Sandra Glahn ThM and William Cutrer M.D.

Wonderful Christian resource for every married couple who wants a little help in the area of sexual intimacy.

The second and third are for those of us who have experienced any kind of sexual abuse or have a spouse who has. “Breathe: Finding Freedom To Thrive” by Nicole Baddock Bromley and “Healing The Wounded Heart” by Dan Allender

Wonderful resources that have helped thousands and thousands of hurting individuals and couples.

Once again readers, Carol and I receive no kickbacks for resources we recommend in the Tuesday Tips. We just know these have helped countless individuals and couples and want to get them into your hands.

Click the book titles above to link to the store and read more about these helpful resources.

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