Marriage Tip- Sense of Humor

Marriage Tip- Sense of Humor

This one little Tip has helped us such an incredible amount.

Here it is: Keep a sense of humor in your marriage.

Life is full of hard times. Life is full of loss. Life is full of darkness. Life is full of mistakes.

Keep a sense of humor.

God has used this one tip to get my wife Carol and me through many dark and broken times.

Through auto-immune disease, through traumatic brain injury, through broken bones, snapped achilles, scary surgeries, deep depressions, relentless physical pain, deep heartache, loss and sorrow and funeral after funeral of our closest friends and family we have kept a sense of humor.

My mother is a woman who has experienced many sorrows.

She has taught me this one thing time and again.
I hope to always keep it close to my heart.

She lives it out in her daily life.

Don’t forget to laugh.

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