Marriage Tip- Nag Be Gone Sticky Notes!

Marriage Tip- Nag Be Gone Sticky Notes!

Got stuff that needs to get done?

Try Nag-Be-Gone Sticky Notes!
My wife is Carol Ray and she approves of this post!

Carol hasn’t nagged me about anything since the 90’s.
She’d be the first to tell you; she used to nag.

Now, instead of nagging, she writes her requests on a sticky note and without saying a word, puts it on our bathroom mirror.

I have five days to respond. On day six she moves it to the center of the mirror if I haven’t responded. She gives me two more days. If it’s not done in a week, or I have not come up with a plan with a deadline to get it done, she has a license to nag on day eight.

When I finish a task or project, I keep the sticky on the mirror but cross out the words. She gets very excited when she throws those sticky notes away.

My goal is to have most sticky projects done between days three and four.

This might just be me, but I’ve always felt like the more I was nagged, the less I wanted to get things done.

All I can say is, “I get a lot done with this system. It really works for us. No more Nagging and the projects get done.”

Of course, I leave sticky notes for her and it works the opposite way just as well.

I posted this Tip on social media a few years ago and an elderly man commented and I love what he said. He said to skip the sticky notes and just do what she asks you to do. it’s worked for us for fifty years.

I loved it and my thought was, “I am not nearly that mature.”
Yep I get it, this one may not be for everyone but it has really worked great for us!

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