Marriage Tip- Having An Awesome Date Night

Marriage Tip- Having An Awesome Date Night

Our pre-marriage counselors Dave and Ann Wilson really challenged Carol and me to work hard at keeping a date night going once we got married.

That was fantastic advice.

Carol and I took up that challenge. We decided to see how long we could go dating week after week without stopping.

We were married in 1989. I got the brain injury in 2007. When I hit my head I had to stop going out for a while because I couldn’t handle being away from home.

From September 30, 1989, until June 4, 2007, Carol and I dated every single week I was home and only missed approximately 5 -10 times in those 18 years.

Some people would say that is pretty crazy, but I am telling you that God used it as glue to help hold us together through some pretty tough times.

There were always excuses not to go.

We put it in the budget.

We put it in the budget.

I have heard a lot of couples do this; find another couple to watch your kids on date night and then return the favor on their date night.

When we just had next to no money at all we went to the park and packed dinner from home. Or went to Taco Bell and spent a few dollars on tacos.

Another excuse was being too tired.
We went anyway.

It really paid off and gave us a little retreat from the stress of work.

This is the best Tip I can give for those of you considering to try to do a consistent date night: Do not talk on your date about anything controversial or touchy. If finances get you worked up, don’t talk about them on date night. Just have fun and stay away from “Hot Buttons” in your relationship.

Some couples have given up on date night because they get together for their date and fight all night. Just have fun; you know you need the break.

If there is any way to pull this off, try to go on the same night of the week each time. It is easier for it to become a habit this way.

After I am done writing this Tip I am calling our favorite restaurant to get call-ahead seating for tonight. After all these years, date night is still so important to us.

Thanks, Dave and Ann for the challenge, this has been huge for us and we are passing the challenge on to the next generation.

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