Marriage Tip- Don’t Try To Fix Your Spouse

Marriage Tip- Don’t Try To Fix Your Spouse

This is for both husbands and wives. When your spouse comes to you with a broken heart or a loss of any kind: Don’t try to fix them.

Did I just hear an “Amen”?

Instead of trying to fix the situation for your spouse, make sure you are being a great listener and someone whose number one goal is to “Be there” for your loved one.

Sometimes we just need to keep our ideas to ourselves and focus on really hearing what he or she has to say and then supporting them through prayer.

Trying to fix someone a lot of the time, backfires and causes the hurting person to shut down. We know we don’t want that, instead, we want to be a great support.

Instead of trying to fix things, we need to be great listeners and then commit to praying for our spouse for God’s Spirit to comfort them to the core of their brokenness or loss.

They are in the best hands when we put them in God’s hands.

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