Marriage Tip- Anniversaries

Marriage Tip- Anniversaries

Make your anniversary something special. Don’t wait for your spouse to move, take the initiative.

Plan a great date night.

Get away for the night if you can.

Take a trip down memory lane with videos or pictures.

Visit some of the special places from your past.

Make sure it doesn’t just slip by like any other day.

Be creative. Put some thought into it. Put a little work and effort into it and see what you can come up with.

Our first ten anniversaries we took a short trip each year.

This took a great amount of scrimping and saving.

I started planning our tenth anniversary before the first.

Our first year we went to the city I grew up in: Livonia

Our second year we went to Disney: Orlando

Our third year we went to a place Carol always wanted to visit in the fall: Vermont

The fourth year we went on a circle tour around one of the great lakes: Erie

The fifth year we went up into northern Michigan: Upper Peninsula

The sixth year we went to a Bed and Breakfast near our home: Clarkston, Michigan

The seventh year we went to a quaint little Michigan town on Lake Huron: Alpena

The eighth year we went on a missions trip: Russia

The ninth year we went to Jamaica: Ocho Rios

The tenth year we went back to Disney: Lake Buena Vista

On our tenth anniversary, I revealed to Carol that all the places we had gone the last ten anniversaries spelled something.


Upper Peninsula

Ocho Rios
Lake Buena Vista

Celebrate. It’s important. Make some new memories.

Carol and I are celebrating in two weeks with a special dinner this year with a little surprise at the restaurant.

Carol’s planning a special surprise for me but I have no idea what it is.

Don’t let it just slip by. Make it a special day.

Don’t wait for your spouse to act. Get something started.

To the men reading this, take the initiative, guys. Don’t think I’m some kind of wizard. Everything I have done for Carol has taken planning, effort, and energy. You know when you’re at work, in your garage, hunting, fishing, gaming or with that hobby you love, there are some things you do really well. Channel that effort and do something memorable. Take a shot at this. Strategize, Execute, Rekindle.

Have a great week everyone,

Much love to each of you and your loved ones,
Brett Ray

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