Family Tip-Memory Makers

Family Tip-Memory Makers

When I was growing up there was this big messy box of all our family pictures.

Turned out the only time it got shuffled through was when a graduation, wedding or funeral came around.

Carol and I saw early on in our marriage that this could easily be the direction we headed in. So we wanted to try to put a little effort toward maybe doing something different.

Carol started scrap booking our photos.

I started making a slideshow out of the years favorite pics and then putting them to one song.

As the years rolled on, the family worked together to make a five-minute Family Vacation Video put to one song.

I want to encourage you today, to do something special with your memories so you can enjoy them as you go.

Recently a good friend told us her pictures are all organized into different boxes. When the grandkids come over they have a box of each grandchild’s pictures and the kids often ask Grandma if they can look through their specific box and they cherish that.


Some of you are thinking, “I could do that.”

Scrap Books. Special Event Videos. Slideshows. Unique Boxes. Grab on to something and go for it! Enjoy your memories as you go. The Lord saw that messy box of photos and those random digital images piling up and He said, “It is not good.”

So He created Shutterfly and iMovie.

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