Marriage, Faith & Parenting Tip-Mentors

Marriage, Faith & Parenting Tip-Mentors

One of the greatest things you can do for your marriage is to have Godly mentors in your life that will pour into you.

We are so grateful to Dave and Ann Wilson, Jerry Martin (seen above) and Tom and Peg Woodside, to name a few, who have led the way in front of us on this great journey.

Now for years when Carol and I mentor young couples we are always handing down the things we learned from these incredible friends.

We now have some couples we have mentored for years who are now mentoring young couples and passing on the wisdom that was passed on to us. That’s pretty cool.

If you don’t have mentors in your life, commit to pray and ask God to bring some into your life.

Take a look around and they may already be in your life waiting to be asked.