Family Tip- Traditions With Holidays

Family Tip- Traditions With Holidays

Traditions are so important because they say, “This is who we are.”

They give us a sense of history.

Carol and I started life-long traditions from our first month of marriage.

We have had many different traditions and traditions with holidays are important to us.

Whether it was the same movie on Thanksgiving night, the same seafood celebration on Christmas Eve or the trip to the indoor water park on spring break; Traditions on holidays and special days help create a sense of history for our families.

Any guesses what is the biggest night of the year at the Ray house?

New Years Eve!

Everyone’s favorite, full of traditional foods and a trip down memory lane watching our family slideshows.

This has been such a riot for so long that our kids count down the days until New Year’s Eve and invite their friends every year.

Traditions. Make some.

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