Family Tip- The Tradition of Family Vacation

Family Tip- The Tradition of Family Vacation

Traditions are so important because they say, “This is who we are.”

They give us a sense of history.

Carol and I started life-long traditions from our first month of marriage.

We had many different traditions and traditions with vacations were important to us.

For as long as the kids can remember we have gone to the same place for our family vacation.

Vacation means a weekend trip to Cedar Point, the world’s greatest amusement park. Which means we spend the nights at The Breaker’s Hotel, which is on the Cedar Point peninsula and though the hotel is over a hundred years old, they have kept it gorgeous.

Some people’s important tradition may be to go to a different location every year, which honestly I think is great. But for us, the same vacation spot is still our tradition.

When we arrive at the hotel we go for a walk on the beach, looking over the fence at the amusement park rides that we will be on the next day.

That first night is always a special dinner 15 minutes from the park in Sandusky. And we would start the next day with the same ride when the kids were growing up.

We have been doing this since 1993 and our vacation a month ago found us once again at Cedar Point. The seven of us, our future daughter in law and four great friends had the time of our lives.

Threats of rain scared people away and we had the park to ourselves. Ten minute waits for the greatest collection of roller coasters on the planet!

We were celebrating 25 years of family vacations and our kids made it a point to tell Carol and me that this year was in the Top 3 of all time best vacations.

As the kids were growing up there were always reasons not to go on vacation, the biggest one being finances.

So we put it right in our budget and saved each month for our once a year vacation over a long weekend.

However, I will say there were two different years where we just couldn’t swing it financially. So we did a Staycation both times and stayed the nights at home while visiting local parks, the zoo and going to see a ballgame or movie.

Carol and I and the kids loved it all the same.

What are your next plans for vacation?

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