Family and Parenting Tip- Circle Time

Family and Parenting Tip- Circle Time

As the kids were growing up we did this thing once a week we called “Circle Time.”

We would sit in a circle and sing simple worship songs and then read the children’s Bible.

Often the kids would want to act out the story we were reading. Sometimes my wife and I would use props as we went through the weekly Bible story.

One week we read about God providing food for His people in the wilderness. The food was called Manna and it would appear on the ground each new morning.

We had the kids close their eyes and we threw pita bread all over the floor and when they opened their eyes they said,

What is it?” We said, “Manna!”

I didn’t know this until I was an adult that manna means; “what is it?”

Great times and a fun way to learn the stories of the Bible.

The above picture is from the famous Bible parable where the scientist and the boy bit by the spider created the Gorilla to catch the cat and the mouse.

One of my favorites from Second Hesitations.

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