Faith Tip- Supernatural Story of Surrender

Faith Tip- Supernatural Story of Surrender

I was not brought up this way but came to believe when I was in my twenties that the Holy Spirit wants to get our attention to communicate with us.

This week’s Tip is a true story taken from my book “Faith Guacamole” and is about one of the many times the Holy Spirit has gotten my attention and asked me to do something.

I am sharing it in a Tip because recently several people have said to me that it was an encouragement to them.

I was speaking on a youth retreat on the west side of the state in Michigan. Not only was my wife Carol there but one of her close friends as well.

When I finished speaking the three of us walked outside of the conference center and Carol’s girlfriend said, “Brett you did a great job tonight!”

I said, “Thank you.” But she could tell there was something wrong in my words and the expression on my face.

She asked, “What’s wrong?”

I said, “This may seem bizarre but I just felt very strongly that there are a couple of kids that skipped out the meeting tonight and got into some trouble and I think God wants us to stop and pray for them right now.”

Carol’s girlfriend gave a surprised look and asked, “Are you sure?”

I said, “No. But just in case it is the Holy Spirit asking us this, let’s do it.”

So the three of us huddled up and prayed for the mystery teenagers.

Several months went by and I had completely forgotten about the whole incident. I was speaking at a Christian High School and when I finished, students lined up to say thank you and chat.

There was one young man who continued to let people go in front of him in line, and after a few minutes, I got the impression he really needed to talk.

When the last person left the gym where I had spoken, it was just the two of us standing there. I said, “You really need to talk.”

He said, “Yes.”

He then went on to say that he needed to ask for my forgiveness. I had no idea who this young man was and I asked, “For what?”

He said, “Do you remember the retreat you spoke on at the youth camp on the west side of the state a few months ago?”

I said, “Yes.” But still had no idea who he was or what he could be telling me.

He said, “Saturday night when you spoke, a girl and I skipped out of the meeting and went to the camp barn and went way too far.”

I got a surprised look on my face and said, “It was you.”

Shocked he asked, “What do you mean?!”

I told him what happened and how God asked us to pray for him that night.

He said, “Wow. Thank you.”

I then asked him if he had since gotten right with God over the whole the thing.

He said, “Yes. I have asked forgiveness from everyone involved, including God and you are the last one I need to ask.”

I smiled and said, “I forgive you. But more importantly, I am so grateful you have gotten your heart right with God. He is crazy about you.

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