Faith Tip-Accountability Part Two

Faith Tip-Accountability Part Two

Accountability Part 2: I am doing life with a few good Christian men that live close to my home.

I share my struggles with them and they run the race with me.

Do you have a sin or bad habit you keep returning to? Or maybe you are just stuck in a rut you feel like you can’t get out of.

Surround yourself with men and women of God who will encourage you to walk with Christ and turn to Him. It has never been God’s plan for us to do life alone.

Accountability has changed my life. I can’t imagine living without it.

If you don’t have accountability in your life, commit to praying and asking God for one or two good Christian friends of the same sex to encourage your heart.

Look around. There may be someone in your life who needs you to be their accountability partner.

Without exaggeration, God has used accountability to radically change my life for the better and I am so grateful to Him for that.

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