Faith Tip- Christmas

Faith Tip- Christmas

All right, let’s imagine something a little different.

So we start with you, you’re an adult and you have been around for a while.

You are living in a perfect world. No crime. No problems. No sin. No sickness. No worries.

Now, stick with me here, you become a fetus. With all your wisdom and knowledge you become a fetus in a mother’s womb in a different world.

You spend nine months growing in that womb. Nine months!

Then you go through the birth process. It’s intense. You come out of the young mother and take a breath. There is no hospital so you are born in what appears to maybe be a cave with some animals in it.

But don’t worry, you have been sent here to die for the wicked people of the land who hate you.

You grow up and they kill you.

Have you ever stopped to really think what happened that first Christmas? Jesus, who lived in Heaven in a perfect world with His Father and the Spirit, became a human baby to save you and me. The God of all creation who was alive in Heaven became a fetus.

That is…

I am at a loss for words.

He was transformed into a fetus, born, killed and raised from the dead. He conquered death and sin for you and me so we wouldn’t have to be separated from His love forever.

Almighty God as a newborn.
So that we could experience: True Hope.

I guess what I am really trying to say here is…

Merry Christmas!

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