Faith Tip- Billboard For Jesus!

Faith Tip- Billboard For Jesus!

Question: Where does the highway I-75 start and end? Doesn’t it run all the way from Northern Michigan to Florida?

Answer: At its north end, I-75 starts on the Canada/U.S. border at the top of Michigan at Sault Ste. Marie. It heads south to Naples in Florida, where it abruptly bends east and runs across to Miami. This last section through the Everglades is called “Alligator Alley.”

This is an unusual way to start one of my Tips with a Q & A from a Google search.

However, I was thinking that along I-75 (which we live near in Michigan) there are signs all along the way south through Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida, put up by people wanting to share the news that Jesus is alive. From crosses to pictures, statues and writing on the sides of business buildings, people are proclaiming their faith.

Now I have to admit in my younger days I poked fun at these statements and rolled my eyes at these public displays of affection.

Not so much now that I’m older.

I think it’s pretty cool, thinking that some of my brothers and sisters of the faith just want to get the news out to the passersby on the highway that God’s love is out there for them. I imagine most of them (not all of them) but most have good intentions. I’ve often judged them in my heart for their bold expressions, but I just don’t do that anymore.

Brett Ray are you a billboard for God’s love in your life or do you hide away your faith afraid of what people will think of you if they were to find out you are a follower of Christ?

Are you ashamed of Jesus or so proud you would be willing to be a neon sign in the dark pointing the way to the Son of God?

Something for me to think about.

How about you?

Let our outward expressions come from a deep inward thankfulness for all Christ has done for us in our lives.

(The Photographer of the picture of Jesus “Are You On The Right Road: Dixie Baptist” is Greg McDonough who is one of my all-time favorite photographers- Thank you, Greg)

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