Faith Tip-Accountability Part One

Faith Tip-Accountability Part One

Accountability Part 1: One of the single most powerful ways God has touched me, healed me and grown me is through accountability. I have had the same accountability partner since high school and have met with him on Mondays in person, on the phone or over breakfast, since about that time.

Johnny Mathers has helped me be a better father, husband and man of God. He knows me inside and out and doesn’t let me get away with anything.

He does this by asking me tough questions and praying with me. Also John and I have a penalty system set up so that if we mess up, it costs us something.

John, thank you so much for the way you love me and everyone around you! You are a true servant of God and a very faithful friend. You are a man who has experienced great suffering and has stayed true to the Lord every step of the way. I have thanked God time and time again that He has brought Cathy into your life. A great wife is truly a gift from the Lord!

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