Faith Tip-Feelings

Faith Tip-Feelings

So many Christians base their relationship with God on how they feel. But there is a problem with that.

Feelings come and go. Feelings are hot and cold.

We feel up and down. So many times we don’t feel God’s love. In fact it feels like God is a million miles away.

But what is the truth? The truth has to count for something. God’s love never changes.  Whether or not we feel it, He is close to us.  He is always close to us.  Even when we doubt God, He never doubts His love for us.

Jesus has never based His love for us on His feelings. Our Lord Jesus did not feel like being hung on a cross, but he went through that for us despite His feelings.

Feelings are great when they are good; however, they are a shaky thing to base our relationship with God on. They turn bad so easily.

What is truth despite our feelings? Jesus lived a life we could not live: perfect. He died a death in our place. He rose from the dead and is alive today and loving us with every breath we breathe.

Thank you, Lord, for your commitment to love us that is not based upon feelings. Help us rest in your love and to be committed to You even when we don’t feel close to you.

Help us to rest in your love, Jesus. Rest and know, not feel, but know we mean everything to you.

Thank you, Lord, for loving us first and forever.

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