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  • Prayers For Victims of Irma & Harvey- 9/12/17

    Our prayers go out to the countless individuals and families devastated by Harvey and Irma and to the survivors of the earthquake in Mexico that took 61 lives this last week.

    May our Suffering Savior the Lord Jesus comfort and heal the broken hearts and homes of the victims and rescue their lives from the depths of these nightmares the enemy delights in.

    “Lord please move so powerfully to bring healing, hope, deep comfort and great peace to those who even now are suffering so deeply. Please Lord, rescue, save and heal them and may they know you personally. Lord please use each of us as we pray, give financially and help to rebuild in the days, weeks, months and even years to come. Amen.”

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  • Faith Tip-Accountability Part Two 9/5/17

    Accountability Part 2: I am doing life with a few good Christian men that live close to my home.

    I share my struggles with them and they run the race with me.

    Do you have a sin or bad habit you keep returning to? Or maybe you are just stuck in a rut you feel like you can’t get out of.

    Surround yourself with men and women of God who will encourage you to walk with Christ and turn to Him. It has never been God’s plan for us to do life alone.

    Accountability has changed my life. I can’t imagine living without it.

    If you don’t have accountability in your life, commit to praying and asking God for one or two good Christian friends of the same sex to encourage your heart.

    Look around. There may be someone in your life who needs you to be their accountability partner.

    Without exaggeration, God has used accountability to radically change my life for the better and I am so grateful to Him for that.

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  • Faith & Marriage Tip-No Small Life 8/29/17

    Most of you know from my speaking or from things I have said in these Tips that I have a brain injury. Well, since I bumped my head it has become very difficult for me to read.I once was a much bigger reader than I am now. That old person has turned into an audio book guy who still loves books but reads very little written word. I have the Bible on audio. I enjoy books on audio but reading has become difficult.

    However, there is one blog that I read from start to finish every week. The reason this is a Marriage Tip is because my wife Carol and I are both avid fans of this blog and can’t get enough of it.And besides being a great encouragement in our individual lives, this blog ministers to us as a married couple.

    Ever feel like your life is small and you are stuck in a rut?

    Into your life steps Chris and Megan Rea, the writers of The No Small Life blog.

    Refreshing. Challenging. Godly. Grace Filled. Fashion Conscious and so very encouraging.

    These two love Jesus with all their hearts. They are familiar with deep suffering and they are committed to lifting people out of the pits the enemy has them stuck in.

    I am very careful about things I recommend.
    Carol and I highly recommend No Small Life.

    I get no kickbacks for making this recommendation, just a deep satisfaction that many of you will start being greatly encouraged by Chris and Megan’s ministry.

    Consider taking a minute to browse through the titles of their past posts and see what jumps out at you.

    Here’s the link to their website, you can subscribe if you like at the top of the page: No Small Life

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  • Faith Tip-Accountability Part One 8/22/17

    Accountability Part 1: One of the single most powerful ways God has touched me, healed me and grown me is through accountability. I have had the same accountability partner since high school and have met with him on Mondays in person, on the phone or over breakfast, since about that time.

    Johnny Mathers has helped me be a better father, husband and man of God. He knows me inside and out and doesn’t let me get away with anything.

    He does this by asking me tough questions and praying with me. Also John and I have a penalty system set up so that if we mess up, it costs us something.

    John, thank you so much for the way you love me and everyone around you! You are a true servant of God and a very faithful friend. You are a man who has experienced great suffering and has stayed true to the Lord every step of the way. I have thanked God time and time again that He has brought Cathy into your life. A great wife is truly a gift from the Lord!

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